How to order

One of the core features of our hubs is the extended list of customization options. While the other manufacturers give you the chance to pick from black or silver color, Raketa hubs are available in thousand of possible combinations.

Basically, every little detail of the hub is customizable. Our hubs accomodate to all current axle and freehub standards, that also adds to the assortment. On the reverse side, this fact makes the process of ordering the hub a bit complicated. If you're unsure in how to make the correct order, use the following instruction.

1. Choose the Number of spoke holes.

2. Choose the color of hub body. We have a selection of 10 anodized colors plus the classic polished finish.

Next, choose the customization options according to your liking.

3. If you want your hub to have the modern matte finish, select the "Matte hub color" checkbox. This option comes without additional charge

4. As standard, all our hubs have silver hardware (nut, washers, end caps, etc.). In our opinion this adds to the classiness of our hubs. Choose the black color of hardware, if you like it more than silver.

5. You may add the custom engraving to your hub. If you choose this option, please don't forget to leave the comment to your order, containing the text or instructions for your engraving.