Raketa is the manufacturer of custom and bespoke bike parts. Most of our products are made to order and this leads to some specifics in shipping times.

Where do we ship

We ship worldwide. Just as easy.

How long takes the handling of order

Most of our products are made just to your order.
If we have all the parts in stock, it may turn into 7-14 days of delay before dispatch. It is related to the fact that we need to assemble, customize, tune and properly pack your order.

How long it takes to produce the pre-ordered part

If we don't have parts in stock (for example, you are pre-ordering newly-designed item), the lead time may be up to 3 months.
Some specific orders may require up to 6 months to be made. This will be written separately.

Import taxes

We ship our products from our warehouse in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Note, that your order may become a subject of import taxes. Any customs duties and similar public charges shall be paid by the customer.
If you have any specific limitations, please ask us to help you manage with them. We'll do our best to decrease or avoid customs charges.

EU citizens! We ship all our products to Europe with lowered price in invoice, that (in 99% of cases) helps to avoid the import tax. If you're still worried about customs charges, we may ship your order from Finland. In other words, we'll import your order by ourselves and then ship it as the domestic package. Please contact us for the further information.


When your order will be shipped, you'll get an International Tracking number to your e-mail. Your parcel can be tracked via Russian Post website www.pochta.ru (You need to use a translator)
When the parcel arrives to your country, it can be tracked via local post operator's website.

How much costs the shipping

We usually charge 9-17 USD for small orders (chainring, cog, lockring).
Hubs and batch orders are a subject for 30-50 USD charge.

If you have another question, please contact us via privet@russianraketa.com

We respond to all emails within 24 hours.